the Vice-Presidents Club

Thank you to members of the Vice Presidents Club 2015-16
Dai Barry
Richard Bennett
Lawrence Bonetto
Jill Bonetto
Mike Bonetto
Gary Bratcher
Gordon Bunn
Mike Chown
Dai Collins
Carey Collings
Gareth Davies
Jack Edwards
Terry Evans
Tony French
Micky Gibbons
Keith Glanville
Wayne Glanville
Dewi Grifiths
Calvin Howlett
Denver Knight
Eryl Lugg
Keith Mapstone
David Owens
Terry Potter
David Powell
Gordon Pritchard
Mary Pritchard
Ieuan Rees
Professor G Rees
Professor TL Rees
Martin Rickard
Colin Riley
Gareth Russell
Frances Russell
Peter Thomas
Roger Watkins
Jill Watkins
Menna Watkins
Louise Watkins
Lyn Williams
Brian Wright